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The Human Resources(HR) department is one of the most critical areas for any organization. Any slip-ups in HR functions can cause major business problems. Outsourcing these functions to a BPO who has considerable functional and legal expertise in this area can really help a company offer their employees the best services at a fraction of the cost. It can also help generate employee goodwill by keeping them informed that their welfare is being looked after by experts.

Today, HR outsourcing goes beyond just handling payroll and benefits. At Pioneer eServe, we are devoted to identifying and developing effective human resource management tools that deliver value to any organization.

HR responsibilities include payroll, benefits, hiring, firing, and keeping up to date with state and central tax laws. Pioneer eServe have extensive experience and capabilities in Finance, HR and Legal services. We have developed a comprehensive range of services that help you focus on your key business areas while leaving the nitty-gritty details of HR functions to us.

BPO Pioneers - HR Outsourcing Services

Time Office and Leave Administration

Payroll Administration

Social Security Services

Tour and Travel Administration

Contractual Staffing Services

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